You can rent Sukkerhuset for private happenings. This is an offer exclusively for student organizations, and costs 3000,-.

Sukkerhuset has a capacity of 110 people, and is rented out with bar staff and door guards. Regular renting also includes use of the pool table, and simple technical setup for music. If extra technical equipment for concerts and the like is needed, can this be rented by request. Other rentable things include: beer pong table (500,-) and karaoke (1000,-).

The bar offers a rich selection of both alcoholic and alcohol free drinks, as well as a selection of snacks.

You’re not allowed to bring your own drinks to Sukkerhuset.

Below you’ll find an overview of available rental dates.

If you want to rent og have any questions, send us a mail at

Note! It is only available to rent Sukkerhuset on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Fadderuken er ferdig booket for høsten. Vi gleder oss til muligheten for å booke flere til fadderuken 2022.

Tirsdag - 17.08 - Foreløpig avsatt

Onsdag - 18.08 - Foreløpig avsatt

Torsdag - 19.08 - Foreløpig avsatt

Fredag - 20.08 - Foreløpig avsatt

Lørdag - 21.08 - Foreløpig avsatt

Søndag - 22.08 - Ledig

Mandag - 23.08 - Foreløpig avsatt

Tirsdag - 24.08 - Foreløpig avsatt

Onsdag - 25.08 - Foreløpig avsatt

Torsdag - 26.08 - Foreløpig avsatt

Fredag - 27.08 - Foreløpig avsatt

Lørdag - 28.08 - Foreløpig avsatt

Søndag - 29.08 - Ledig

Available dates autumn 2024:

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16 August Mandag
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