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At Sukkerhuset there is a lot to get involved with. Members will volunteer in one of three categories;
The bar, the scene or the marketing group

Do you want to try being a bartender? Here at Sukkerhuset you will get to know every aspect of running a bar - from tapping beer to dealing with guests.
Do you want to help us organize concerts? If you like light, music and setting up concert, this is definitely the group for you.
How will people get to know what is happening at the House? The PR-group is responsible for running our Social media, designing posters and in general spreading the word about what’s going on at Sukkerhuset.
In addition, you're able to attend several other undergroups:
Is there a quizmaster hidden inside you, or do you burn for Karaoke? This sub-group is responsible for the arrangements of the events happening on the House, and we are looking for everyone with a creative mindset and motivation to volunteer. 
"The social"
For it to be fun volunteering, it is important with an inclusive and social environment. This is the responsibility of the social committee. Through cabin trips, parties and much more, we make sure everyone feels included and have fun together.
"The builders"
A bar does not run itself, and there are always small or big things that need a quick fix. In this committee we fix up things that potentially break, and are responsible for ensuring that everything works as expected.
What’s more natural when running a student bar, than brewing our own beer? In this committee, you will get the opportunity to develop your knowledge around brewing your own beer, and ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to taste. 
The board
A position at the board is for those who want to participate a little extra. As a board member, you are responsible for the daily operations, and to further develop Sukkerhuset. The board consists of the leader, second-in-command, economics, booking-responsible and leader of all the committees (as seen above). To get a position on the board you need to be voted in at the bi-annually general assembly.
The game group
The game group was started mainly to play old-school pen and paper games, and more specific Dungeons and Dragons 5e. When the group is gathered, they play all kinds of board games, according to what the members are interested in. And we are always looking for ways to expand! 
Become a volunteer yourself!
As a volunteer at Sukkerhuset we guarantee you will get to learn a lot and get to know many other students. Take the opportunity to get more out of your studies by applying today.
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